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Jummuah Jewel | 15 Shawwal 1442 AH

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Often having a bad opinion of someone affects us more than them! You spend the time dwelling in that negative energy, when they’ve already moved on.⁠

As Muslims, we’re supposed to make 70 excuses for someone before we indulge any grief against them. If not for them, then for us and if not for us, then definitely for Allah and respecting His creation. Only He knows their journey and their heart.⁠

If you’re really struggling to come up with that excuse for them – then make a duaa for them. That will remove any malice from your heart if your intention is sincere. ⁠

The beauty in having a good opinion of others is that you’re in the process of keeping yourself real and humble. ⁠

Remember: Don’t expect anything from anyone – expect only from Allah. People do what they can and only Allah can do the best.⁠

May Allah make it easy for us to think well of people and may He make it so that we are always in the good opinion of others.

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