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5 Tips To Improve Concentration In Salaah

Sit down to meditate before starting your prayer Take a moment to clear your head. Put all the things you’re trying to remember and that forever running to-do list aside. It’ll take some time, but run through them all and then tell yourself – NONE of those things is more important than Allah (Allah-hu Akbar) […]

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Rich Tasting Chocolate Brownies

Everyone needs a great brownie every once in a while, but have you found that truly delicious recipe yet? I doubt it! Try this one and be a converted brownie lover. You’re totally welcome. Ingredients 250g unsalted butter250g dark chocolate (chopped)2 ½ cup castor sugar5 eggs1 tsp vanilla essence1 cup cake flour (sifted)½ tsp baking […]

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Jummuah Jewel | 20 SHAABAN 1442

Jummuah Mubarak! Wake up and say Alhamdulillah, Allah is in charge of my affairs. We all have projects we’re working on, goals we’re working towards, ideas we have floating in our minds, but remember one thing always: You control nothing – and that’s a blessing! You are only in charge of your sincerity and effort. […]

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